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GDPR / LGPD : Obfuscate your Wireshark PCAP captures

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For processing Wireshark captures without any limit,

download and install the tool on your PC

Obfuscate your Layer 2 ethernet data:

  • obfuscate ethernet addresses

Obfuscate your Layer 3 IPv4 data:

  • obfuscate the IP addresses
  • set default IPv4 TTL value
  • recalculate IPv4 header checksum

Obfuscate your Layer 7 data:

  • obfuscate the SIP protocol
    • SIP digest credentials
    • SIP user names
    • SIP call numbers
    • IP addresses inside the SIP protocol
    • domain names inside the SIP protocol
    • recalculate the Content-Length SIP header value
  • obfuscate the MGCP protocol
  • obfuscate the RTP voice payload
  • obfuscate the HTTP protocol
  • obfuscate the FTP password

Obfuscate any other protocol?

Do you want any other protocol or flow to be obfuscated? Just send us an email to discuss in detail. In principle, we can obfuscate any protocol or flow.

Generating GDPR compliant Wireshark captures

We can generate GDPR compliant Wireshark captures: we can make any wireshark capture "obfuscated". This means we can generate based on an existing Wireshark capture a new wireshark capture where all customer IP addresses are replaced by unique 10.x.x.x IP addresses. This way, no customer details are visible anymore.

We can also overwrite specific data inside wireshark packets with e.g. xxx. We support this for the SIP protocol and the RTP protocol. Other protocols feasable on demand. Just send us an email.

Obfuscate your VoIP Wireshark captures

Lets face it: a Wireshark VoIP capture contains a lot of personal data. Phone numbers, names, who is calling who, IP addresses, (hashed) digest passwords and if RTP is present it contains even the full voice stream of what was said during a phone call. Sensitive information that you don't want to pass to any third party. 

However, if you face any VoIP issues, the helpdesk of your external partner will ask for such Wireshark captures. 

Many customer fear to share so much personal and company sensitive information with third parties.

What if you could convert your existing wireshark capture to a wireshark capture that still contains all SIP messages, errors, warnings, flows etc, but where the sensitive info was by some magic replaced?

If that sounds like heaven to you, then the VoIP AnalyzerTool will fit you like a glove.

We support following: 

  • hashed digest passwords responses are overwritten with xxx
  • user names are overwitten with xxx
  • phone numbers are overwritten with xxx
  • customer IP addresses are overwritten with with a unique 10.x.x.x value
  • RTP voice is overwritten with a new obfuscated voice sample
anonymize Wireshark


Obfuscate RTP voice packets

The VoIP Analyzer Tool can obfuscate RTP speech packets inside a wireshark file

  • RTP headers are not changed, only the speech samples are replaced
  • RTP packet drop, jitter, delay etc is still exact the same as inside the original RTP packets


EU: General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR compliant Wireshark captures

Brazil: Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados - LGPD compliant Wireshark captures

The GDPR regulation states that personal data cannot be shared with 3rd parties just like that. Simular for the LGDP regulation.

Privacy issues will arise when you want to share a Wireshark capture with a 3rd party e.g. to receive support on any VoIP or network issue.

With the VoIP Analyzer Tool you can make any Wireshark VoIP trace obfuscated, while the original SIP message types, the timing, the flow etc is still unchanged. The only thing that is overwritten automatically are the personal data like phone numbers, names, IP addresses etc.


Before and after the obfuscate

The SIP INVITE in the original Wireshark capture :

SIP not gdpr

The SIP INVITE in the obfuscated Wireshark capture :

SIP anonymous

See here which output the VoIP Analyzer Tool generates:

Download here the VoIP Analyzer Tool. Free trial for 30 days.

30 days free trial

Some questions? Visit our online help.

Note: obfuscating pcap files is also sometimes "anonymizing pcap files" called.

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