Free SipLog2Pcap++
Convert any SIP log file
to a new Wireshark pcap file

Free online SipLog2pcap convert

We support SIP logs from following vendors:

For these vendors, we do detect the source and destination IP addresses as also the Date/Time of the different SIP messages.

Analyzing a Wireshark capture with SIP messages is so much more efficient than just searching endless in long SIP log files !

Your vendor not listed?

Just send us an email. We are always interested to add (free of charge) additional SIP vendors.

What's the difference between the online version of the VoIP Analyzer and the version on PC?

  • The online version is free of charge, but only supports input files up to 20 Mb
  • The main goal of this online version is to show the possibilities
  • The PC version is faster (since it is not based on a website) and supports input files up to 1Gb and more
  • The PC version also offers more functionalities and more options
  • The PC version can be downloaded, and you can request a free license for 30 days. No obligations.


30 days free trial