Free online conversion text -> pcap

Free online text2pcap‚Äč

text2pcap++ supports following formats:


Why text2pcap++ and not just text2pcap?

The original text2pcap is an excellent tool, but the input format is quite limited and strict.

The text2pcap++ just supports more formats and more vendors.

We also offer support on the text2pcap++, where the original text2pcap is just "best effort". Any conversion that is not optimal executed? Just contact us for support.


You have any other text format to convert to a pcap ?

  • Just send us an email. We are always interested to support additional formats.


What's the difference between the online version of the VoIP Analyzer and the version on PC?

  • The online version is free of charge, but only supports input files up to 20 Mb
  • The main goal of this online version is to show the possibilities
  • The PC version is faster (since it is not based on a website) and supports input files up to 1Gb and more
  • The PC version also offers more functionalities and more options
  • The PC version can be downloaded, and you can request a free license for 30 days. No obligations.