The VoIP Analyzer Tool
compared to similar tools

VoIP installation Installation

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Windows OS + Linux OS + macOS supported ++ +/-

 Almost all competitors offer their product on a single OS, often Windows only or Linux only. We offer our product on three Operating Systems : Windows OS,  Linux OS and macOS. This is a unique offer in the market.

Easy installation ++ +/-

 Several other products have long and complex installation procedures. We developed our product so that it can be installed with a minimal of effort and a minimal of complexity. Just have a look at our installation guide, or ask for the 30 days free installation to verify the easy installation process.


VoIP functionality Functionality



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 Merge/Split functionality ++ +/-

 Merging a huge amount of Wireshark files to one single Wireshark file in a very short time is often missing as feature in other products. This is a pity, since you can gain a LOT of time with this. And time is money.

 Audit functionality ++ +

 Several other products offer some analysis of VoIP traces. Unfortunately they do not all go so deep technical into the traces.

 Anonymize/Obfuscate functionality ++ -

 The offered VoIP Analyzer Tool functionality to make any VoIP Wireshark trace anonymous is unique in the market. This functionality is also often called obfuscation.

We create a new Wireshark capture and overwrite following customer data:

  • IP addresses 
  • SIP digest login and (hashed) passwords
  • SIP user names
  • SIP phone numbers
  • RTP speech content

Because of this a Wireshark capture can be shared with any 3rd party. This means that GDPR compliant Wireshark files are generated.

Note: the anonymization/obfuscation functionality can also be used for Wireshark data traces that do not contain any VoIP. In that case, only the customer IP addresses are re-written with new IP addresses in the generated Wireshark file.


VoIP operating modes Operating modes

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 Command line ++ -

 We offer our functionality via the command line as also via a the GUI. The command line makes it possible to write scripts, batch files or scheduled tasks.

 Graphical User Interface (GUI) + ++

 The VoIP Analyzer Tool GUI is not the most attractive on the market. We however wanted to keep it easy to operate and understand. Because the same tool is offered on Windows + Linux + macOS it forces us to keep the GUI common (and thus basic). 

 PowerShell scripts ++ -

 On our website we offer some example PowerShell scripts that can analyze ANY Wireshark in a folder or a subfolder or a subfolder of a subfolder. Perfect for analyzing huge amounts of Wireshark traces automatically.

 Ad hoc analysis ++  -

 On the ad hoc analysis our tool performs excellent. What do we mean by ad hoc ?Imagine you install the VoIP Analyzer Tool on your laptop. Then you can merge or analyze Wireshark traces of PBX A or customer A today, but of PBX B or customer B tomorrow. The tool accepts any traces of any system. No license based on the amount of used SIP channels. There is also no one-on-one relationship between the tool and the SIP PBX.

 Save 24/7 captures - +

 The VoIP Analyzer Tool itself does not save automatically (e.g. 24/7) traces of a SIP PBX. Often the customer gathers network traces already either manually, or via port mirror, or sometimes via additional hardware that is on the market. Once these traces are gathered, the tool handles them all.

 Database (SQL or other) - +

 The VoIP Analyzer Tool does not use any database internally. This however has as advantage that the tool is not locked in a one-on-one relationship with a specific installation. The VoIP Analyzer Tool can be used for any SIP device, any SIP installation and this of any size.

 Generic portable output ++ +/-

 The VoIP Analyzer Tool generates normal HTML pages as output. This means that the generated output is very portable. You can just zip the complete output and pass it to someone else. Or you can execute a "Save as..." in your browser when you want to pass a specific generated HTML page to somebody else. A standard browser is also all you need to view the results.



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 RTP analysis + +

 We offer a full RTP analysis, but most other products also support this. By RTP analysis we mean : detecting packet drop, calculate MOS, jitter, delay etc.

 RTP to audio + +/-

 We convert RTP to wav files. Most competitors also offer this, although not all. Sometimes an additional cost is asked for RTP to wav conversions. For the VoIP Analyzer Tool we like to keep it simple: the license contains all functionalities.

 RTCP analysis + +/-

 The VoIP Analyzer Tool processes the RTCP packets, and shows these in a readable format to the end user. Most other tools also support this, although not all of them.


Wireshark capture Supported Wireshark capture formats

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 cap/pcap format supported + +

 The Wireshark cap/pcap format is the basic format of Wireshark captures. All products support this, since it is the original format.

 pcapng format supported  + +/-

 The Wireshark pcapng (pcap next generation) is a new format. It supports the capture on multiple ethernet cards at the same time, and it also supports a nanosecond timeframe. Competitive products on Linux OS normally also support the pcapng format. On Windows OS, the pcapng format is often not supported by other products.

 snoop format supported + +/-

 The Wireshark snoop format is a relative old format. Nevertheless, we do support it. e.g. the Fluke SIP Analyzer still writes Wireshark captures in snoop format.


VoIP commercial Commercial

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 License not limited to X SIP channels ++ +/-

 We want to keep things simple. In our license price is all included. We don't count the amount of SIP channels. We just hope you use the tool as much as possible, independent if you have a small or a large installation. Preferrably our tool is used ad hoc, thus on different systems, sometimes even for different customers. Only the amount of PCs/servers where the tool is installed are counted. Each license is valid for one PC/server.

 VoIP Consultancy included

++ +/-

 We offer you without any additional cost the following: in case you face any issue, and the VoIP Analyzer Tool does not signal the issue during the analyze functionality, then you can deliver us your (anonymized) Wireshark trace. Our VoIP engineers then have a manual look at the issue. Of course it cannot be guaranteed that the problem can be detected or solved (since this depends on the problem and on the gathered Wireshark), but we guarantee the Wireshark trace gets analyzed. Since this consultancy is included in the price, the package is very price competitive ! Very often an additional cost is asked for this consultancy.

 Supported languages for consultancy/helpdesk ++ +/-

 We do support following languages for our consultancy and our support desk :

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch



As summary we can say there are other tools with a more attractive GUI than the VoIP Analyzer Tool.

However on the supported Operating Systems, on the functionality or operating modes, supported formats, supported languages, the VoIP Analyzer Tool has many advantages.

A major difference is that a generic all-inclusive license is used, not limited to the amount of SIP channels, and even with an included VoIP consultancy support.

The VoIP Analyzer Tool is designed for ad hoc analysis of Wireshark traces. This means, the tool does not have a one-on-one relationship to a particular SIP PBX as most tools do.

Just check our pricing webpage, and ask for a free 30 days trial version.

30 days free trial

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