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Merge or split fully automatic your Wireshark captures

Merge wireshark captures

We process all wireshark captures inside a full directory and merge them to one single combined wireshark capture. It does not matter if the wireshark captures are present in the folder, or if they are zipped, or zipped in a zip in a zip.

The VoIP Analyzer Tool all handles it for you in no time.

  • merge of numerous (a few dozens, a few hunderds or even a few thousands) of wireshark captures into one single wireshark capture
  • the amount of saved time compared to a manual merge is impressive
merge Wireshark


Merge optional filter options during the merge

During the merge process, you can select some optional filters

  • Only SIP: this optional filter will write a merged wireshark capture which contains only SIP messages
  • Only this date: Only wireshark packets of this specific date are written to the merged wireshark capture
  • Only this timeframe: only wireshark packets of this specific timeframe are writted to the merged wireshark capture
  • Only these IP addresses: only wireshark packets to or from the selected IP addresses will be written to the merged wireshark capture. You can opt for a list of single IP Addresses and/or a list of subnets or a combination of all this. Maximal flexibility thus.
  • No syslog: no syslog messages will be writted to the merged wireshark capture
  • maximum filesize of a single merged capture

See here which output the VoIP Analyzer Tool generates:

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