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VoIP Analyzer Tool for Windows

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  • Free trial with full functionality for 30 days

  • Full support

  • No obligations

Important remark:

During the paid period as also during the free trial period of 30 days you can contact our VoIP engineers free of charge. When you are facing a VoIP issue and the VoIP Analyzer Tool does not indicate the problem in the audit functionality feel free to contact us via email.  

Windows logo Windows OS:

Latest online release notes in TEXT format can be found here.

Latest online release notes in PDF format can be found here.

Download here the setup or MSI of the VoIP Analyzer Tool (any 64 bit Windows OS):

 Version   Comment    Setup - offline package   Microsoft Installer (MSI)   Release Notes (Windows OS)  Latest version  setup (exe)  installer (msi)  Release Notes v24.06.01.00 (pdf)


  • The Setup executable is an offline package that contains the dependencies :
    • Microsoft VC redistributable 2015-2019
    • Microsoft .NET framework 4.7.2 or more recent
  • The MSI is smaller, but does not check the dependencies (which is OK when the dependencies were already fulfilled)

Windows remark:

After downloading right click the setup executable and select "Run as administrator" :


If during the installation Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is activated (if you clicked Open instead of Run as administrator) you can receive following popup :

Microsoft defender warning

Then select More info

Microsoft defender warning

If you see the right Publisher "Stacked Brains" then it is safe to proceed by selecting "Run anyway".

Remark : the executable name can differ a bit from the screenshot (the name can contain a version number).


During the installation depending on your User Account Control (UAC) settings also  following popup can be seen :

UAC ok for VoIP Analyzer Tool

A Sectigo code signing certificate on the name of our company "Stacked Brains" is used.

If the Verified Publisher indicates "Stacked Brains" then proceed by selecting "Yes".