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VoIP Analyzer Tool for macOS/OSX

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  • Free trial with full functionality for 30 days

  • Full support

  • No obligations

Important remark:

During the paid period as also during the free trial period of 30 days you can contact our VoIP engineers free of charge. When you are facing a VoIP issue and the VoIP Analyzer Tool does not indicate the problem in the audit functionality feel free to contact us via email


 Comment  macOS version Tool version  dmg package (disk image)   Release Note (macOS) 
Latest beta version  11.0 Big Sur  Release Note v21.03.31.00 (pdf) 
   11.0 Big Sur   Coming soon
Former beta version   11.0 Big Sur   Coming soon


The VoIP Analyzer tool is currently not yet signed via an Apple Developer ID certificate.
Due to this, it is possible you do get the remark "app is damaged and can't be opened". 
Please read the following page to correct this:

We will however sign our app via an Apple Developer ID certificate in the near future.

The VoIP Analyzer Tool on macOS is currently marked as beta version. reason for this:

  • The tool executes on macOS only on the command line. A GUI on macOS will be released in the future.
  • The app is not yet signed with an Apple developer ID. Due to this, you can get a remark during installation (see remark here above). Signing the VoIP Analyzer macOS app with an Apple developer ID is planned in the future.
  • It is possible that the tool also works on other macOS versions but these are not tested.

Nevertheless, you can already download the VoIP Analyzer Tool for macOS, and start using it.

Please contact us when facing any issue with the macOS VoIP Analyzer Tool.