Generated output files


The VoIPAnalyzer Tool produces following output files :

 ●  HTML files :

○  Output tables for SIP and RTP/RTCP

○  SIP message flows

○  Graphs

 ●  Text files :

○  Log file (VoIPAnalyzer_logs.txt)

○  Syslog files

○  CSV files

 ●  Audio wave files (*.wav)

The different output files are shown in the section Generated file formats .


The generated output is explained in detail in the sections :

 ●  The HTML files contain information on the different SIP messages and RTP output

 ●  In the messages flows it is important to recognize in an easy way the Errors and the Warnings inside the message flows.

 ●  To simplify the analysis to detect issues a Penalty points scheme is created.

 ●  Graphs are displayed to show the amount of calls , the call duration the SIP bandwidth .

 ●  An inventory tab gives an overview of the detected IP addresses available in the input network trace.

 ●  Quality of Service (QoS) information for SIP and RTP


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