Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) messages


The SIP messages are processed according six important request methods :

 ●  INVITE ( RFC 3261 )
 ●  REGISTER ( RFC 3261 )
 ●  OPTIONS ( RFC 3261 )
 ●  SUBSCRIBE ( RFC 3265 )
 ●  NOTIFY ( RFC 3265 )
 ●  PUBLISH ( RFC 3903 )

These request methods can be seen on the second level :


Each request method has its own third sublevel of tabs. For example the SIP OPTIONS method gives :


Besides the six request methods some general SIP information is available :

 ●  SIP Inventory

 ●  SIP Total Bandwidth



Each request method has at least following subtopics :

 ●  List : a table of all the occurrences of the specific SIP method belonging to a single Call-ID.

 ●  Graph : a graph showing the amount of occurrences of the specific SIP method.

 ●  Errors : a table giving only the error cases.

 ●  Warnings : a table giving only the warning cases.

 ●  Penalty Points : to easily recognize problematic cases a penalty points table is shown.

 ●  User-Agent : a table listing all existing names in the SIP User-Agent or Server headers.

 ●  Bandwidth : a graph showing the bandwidth used of the specific SIP method. The SIP Total Bandwidth gives a graph for the bandwidth of all possible SIP messages.

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