Generated output data


The VoIPAnalyzer Tool produces following output files :

 ●  HTML files :

○  Output tables for SIP and RTP/RTCP

○  SIP message flows

○  Graphs

 ●  Text files :

○  Log file (VoIPAnalyzer_logs.txt)

○  Syslog files

○  CSV files

 ●  Wav files


The main output is based upon HTML files and is structured in a set of tabs on different levels :


The output directory for an Audit has the format _AuditCap_<date of generation>_ <time of generation> or

when Anonymizing the directory has the format _CapAnonymizeResult_<date of generation>_ <time of generation>


<date of generation> is the date when generated in inverted format <year><month><day>

<time of generation> is the time when generated in the format <hour><minutes><seconds>

Inside the generated Audit directory the messages are organized in different directories :


SIP message flows are shown in a separate section.


For the different SIP methods a graph is displayed indicating the amount of the specific SIP message (for SIP INVITE methods this is the amount of calls) :


The log file VoIPAnalyzer_logs.txt contains the logging that is also displayed in the main Audit window. This logging is also displayed in the Loggings tab :


The syslog files are shown in the Syslog tab.


The CSV files can be downloaded by selecting the link above the SIP message table :


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