SIP message flows


The column showing the SIP method has links to the corresponding SIP message flow :

VoIP Audit: SIP ladder diagram


Selecting one of the links opens the corresponding SIP ladder diagram (message sequence diagram) :

VoIP Audit: SIP ladder diagram


Remarks for the SIP message flows :

 ●  Automatic detection amount of SIP User-Agents and number of SIP messages.

 ●  All the SIP messages between all the involved SIP User-Agents are displayed (for the indicated SIP Call-ID as displayed in the Wireshark filter).

 ●  The timestamp of the SIP messages is shown on the right and left side of the diagram in the time format hour:minutes:seconds.milliseconds.

 ●  Between the brackets [ ] a time difference from the first message is indicated (in the same time format).


When hovering with the mouse pointer over a message in the diagram a textbox is shown that displays the details of this message :

VoIP Audit: SIP ladder diagram


Clicking on a message with the mouse pointer opens a permanent textbox and this can be done for multiple SIP messages. As such an easy comparison between several SIP messages is possible :

VoIP Audit: SIP ladder diagram


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