VoIP Analyzer Tool



The VoIP Analyzer Tool is developed to support on handling, merging, splitting, auditing and anonymizing of Wireshark VoIP capture files.

Main goal is to automate the handling or large amounts of Wireshark PCAP files,

so that you can gain a lot of time and focus on the real problems rather than losing time on filtering and merging of Wireshark PCAP files.

Also in the context of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) it has become difficult to exchange Wireshark capture files with other parties.

The anonymizing of the Wireshark capture files helps in avoiding the disclosure of personal or sensitive data.


The VoIP Analyzer Tool has several major functionalities:

 ●  Merging and Splitting of Wireshark capture files

 ●  Auditing of Wireshark capture files

 ●  Anonymizing of Wireshark capture files


More information can be found of the Merge, Split , Audit and Anonymize topics in this help content.

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