Merging and Splitting


More detailed information on merging is given for following topics :

 ●  Merge Filters

 ●  Maximum file size

 ●  Merge Folder selection

 ●  Automatic uncompress files

 ●  Combining files

 ●  Day per day merging (24 hours)


Merge Wireshark pcap files

The merge functionality is started by pressing the "Merge Wireshark PCAP files" button.


Then the merge window appears :

Merge Wireshark pcap files


In this window it is possible to select a filtering method applied during the merge :

Merge Wireshark pcap files


The filtering possibilities will be explained in the section Merge Filters.


To determine the maximum file size produced when merging see section Maximum files size.

Merge Wireshark pcap files


When pressing the "Select Wireshark PCAP files" button then a single Wireshark capture file can be chosen.

Important remark : for the merge functionality ALL Wireshark or compressed Wireshark files present in the selected folder will be merged.

Merge Wireshark pcap files


More details can be found in sections Merge Folder selection and Automatic uncompress files .


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