License VoIPAnalyzer Tool


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License status

The license status of the VoIP Analyzer Tool can be found from the Help menu by selecting About :


This gives the current license status :


Information to obtain the license

Executing the VoIPAnalyzer Tool without license gives the following popup :


After selecting OK the license activation Window appears :


Pressing the "Save license info to file" button allows to save the information for generating the license file.

This saved file has to be sent to to generate the license.

Alternatively by clicking on the link besides "Email this info to :" also opens an available email client with the necessary information for the license activation.


The information to generate the license can also be copied to the clipboard via the "Copy to Clipboard" link.

The clipboard contents can then be pasted into an email and send towards


Importing and activating the license

The generated license will be received in a text file. This file can be imported via the "Import license file" button.


Opening the obtained license file shows the imported license inside the textbox :


The final step is pressing the "Continue and Activate license" button to activate the license. If the correct license is entered then the following message is given :

After that the VoIPAnalyzer Tool main Window starts.


Location of the license file

After the activation of the license the license file is stored under the installation directory (by default this is C:\VoIPAnalyzer as indicated below).


Expiry of the license

When the license expires and the program is started then a popup will indicate that the license has expired.


After this popup the procedure to obtain a new license in previous section "Information to obtain the license" has to be followed.

30 days before license expiry a popup will appear and this will be shown every day thereafter :


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