Real-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP) Overview


The RTP protocol is augmented with a control protocol RTCP to monitor the quality of service and to convey information about the participants in an on-going session.

The RTCP messages are not always present in the Wireshark captures.


The column RTCP Type gives the different types:

 ●  SR Sender Report
 ●  RR Receiver Report
 ●  SDES Source Description
 ●  BYE Goodbye
 ●  APP Application-defined
 ●  RTPFB Generic RTP Feedback
 ●  PSFB Payload-specific Feedback
 ●  XR RTCP Extension
 ●  RSI Receiver Summary Information


Between the brackets [ ] the number of occurrences of the specific RTCP type is displayed :


Selecting the link displays the full list of the RTCP messages and the contents :


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