X-RTP Statistics


Several vendors use a proprietary header in SIP to give statistics on the RTP stream. This proprietary SIP header has following names :

 ●  X-RTP-Statistics

 ●  X-RTP-Stats

 ●  X-Siemens-RTP-stats-list

 ●  P-RTP-Stat

When supported then this header can be found in a SIP BYE or 200 OK on a SIP BYE.

The VoIPAnalyzer Tool supports the X-Siemens-RTP-stats-list header.

An example of such a header is :

X-Siemens-RTP-stats-list: MT=0;PS=662;OS=105920;PR=661;OR=105760;PL=0;JI=0;LA=1;SS=0;EN=8;DE=8;IE=00;TCLW=52

With the following parameters :

 ●  IPL IP Address Local
 ●  PTL Port Local
 ●  IPR IP Address Remote
 ●  PTR Port Remote
 ●  SRCS Source Synchronization Sending Identifier
 ●  SRCR Source Synchronisation Receiving Identifier
 ●  EN Encoding Codec
 ●  DE Decoding Codec
 ●  SS Silence Suppression Activations
 ●  JI Jitter
 ●  LA Latency
 ●  PS Packets Sent
 ●  PR Packets Received
 ●  PL Packets Lost
 ●  PD Packets Discarded
 ●  OS Octets Sent
 ●  OR Octets Received
 ●  CPL Consecutive Packets Lost
 ●  CGP Consecutive Good Packets
 ●  MT Media Type
 ●  TB Time Begin
 ●  TE Time End
 ●  IE Impairments
 ●  TCLW Telephony Echo Signal Attenuation

This information is converted to a more readable table :

VoIP Audit: XRTP analysis


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