list of SIP issues and errors

Full SIP INVITE PenaltyPoints CSV list
Date/Time Last SIP Request Last SIP Response Amount of SIP Messages Duration (hh:mm:ss) Penalty Points SIP User-Agent SIP From SIP To SIP Call-ID
01/09/2009 19:44:25 BYE SIP/2.0 200 OK 14 00:00:07 77 YV5/1.1.4 From: "John Haller"<sip:201@> To: "Auto Attendant"<sip:0@> 673b0437-dc3f99dd-699f99a7-92fd8066@
01/09/2009 19:44:31 BYE SIP/2.0 200 OK 15 00:00:10 27 YV5/1.1.4 From: "John Haller"<sip:201@> To: <sip:204@> f49fa0af-e84c7379-6649d13e-60bbc1c9@

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